Sex. Everyone has it. Why are we ashamed of it?

Warning!  The following is a soapbox rant about society’s definition of “appropriate”.

I had a conversation with a friend recently regarding sex and I simply cannot understand why society has taught us that having sex, wanting sex and talking about sex is a bad thing.  Maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s politics or our old fashioned puritanical roots but whatever it is I think it’s messing with people’s heads and lives unnecessarily.

Not everyone feels comfortable discussing sex the way I do and I understand that.  But when people realize that I am and they start talking with me about it, somewhere in the convo they always stop & say “I’m sorry, that was wildly inappropriate” or something similar to that.  What I find sad is that 9 times out of 10, I don’t believe that they have been.  Sure every once in a while someone gets a little excited, but even then I’m not insulted.  We’re all just human beings.

Flesh is exciting.  Sex feels good. Yes, it’s the ultimate expression of love but some people use it solely for pleasure and others to numb out pain.  No matter what bottom line, if you aren’t hurting anyone (ie: lying, cheating, raping etc) then you shouldn’t feel bad about it.  You have a lot of sex?  That doesn’t make you a sex addict.  In my opinion that term has caused a lot of perfectly normal people tons of pain. You aren’t a slut either.  You are are a human who is acting on his or her most basic urges.  Stop beating yourself up so much.  That being said, in my opinion, you should still be safe about it.  No one wants to have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or an STD.

You may agree with me or you may not but either way, try not to judge too quickly or to harshly.  One man’s sin…




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