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My Suicide Note

One night a few years ago, I felt as if I was at rock bottom. I saw no future and I was desperate to end the pain that my life had become. I wrote a goodbye note to my family and i ran. I ended up calling the suicide hotline and then I checked myself into the local mental hospital.

I learned so much while I was there but one question was left unanswered. I told three doctors while I was inpatient, that I would strike myself until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I remember asking with tears streaming, why do I do this? Does anyone else? Am I crazy? All three doctors had no answer.

A few weeks later,via a simple Google search, I found the term…self-harm! There was a name for it! Why did no one tell me??? I discovered that I had been self-harming in several different ways for years.

Fast forward, today I am a much healthier person. I rid myself of the baggage that was bringing me down and everyday I get stronger. Do I still struggle? Absolutely. But I know that I am not alone and I know that there is hope.

I joined The Truce Initiative because I wanted to make sure that no one ever felt the way I did. To raise awareness about this important issue and hopefully to help others see hope for a brighter life ahead. Now that we have teamed up with Team Bossy Kids, I know that the message will be heard. Together, we are changing the world! I hope you join us!!!

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