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Why you should stop spending money on YOU

For those of you who know much about me, you know that a little over 2 years ago I lived a very different life.  I had a big house, a fancy job and enough money to live what most people consider a very comfortable life.  I was however, very unhappy.  The money did not make me happy and it did nothing but fuel reasons for me to stay in a very unhealthy marriage.

Fast forward…today I live a very simple life.  Most of the time I have little to no money to spend on myself and when I do have some, I absolutely hate spending it on me.  My son? The wonderful man in my life?  Yes, without question.   But I never want to spend it on me. 

The life I live is not for everyone, but it suits me just fine and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world!! (I guess that kinda goes without saying though)  🙂



Public Restroom Debate

Picture this: I walk into a public restroom. I cordially smile at an old woman by the sink. I go into the stall and do my business. I exit the stall and wash my hands, this time I greet a woman walking in. Then I exit the restroom. Please note: At NO point during this event am I ever exposed, if I was then I would be uncomfortable no matter who was in said restroom. (Well, I probably wouldn’t but that’s just me & that’s a different topic for another day) What I’m getting at is why the fuck does it matter if a transgender woman is in this restroom?

First of all, I’m probably never going to know if she is transgender. After all, we don’t have to show our genitals in order to enter a public toilet today. (Should we? Is that where this whole debate is heading? Is that what we want?) Secondly, as noted above she isn’t going to see anything in this restroom that she wouldn’t see outside of it. I have no problem washing my hands in front of the opposite sex. Is that now sexual in some way? And lastly, for real, why does anyone care where someone uses the fucking restroom? I mean really, can’t we just be grateful that we have a place to go?

Come on, we have MUCH bigger issues to deal with in this country. Why don’t we discuss the oil crisis, infant mortality rates, our bogus war on drugs or the failing education system?? No? You’d rather chat about where someone shits? Really? No wonder our country is in shambles.

Well, don’t take the time out of your precious day to comment here. Hurry maybe you can catch someone burning your precious flag, or marrying someone they truly love that may or may not be of the same gender. (as if that is any of your business anyway but whatever) Gotta keep those “American Values” strong! “God” Bless America! Fuck this shit, I’m moving to Australia! 😉