Month: April 2015

Just because I discuss sex doesn’t mean I want to do it with you

Yes, I’m a woman and yes, I enjoy sex. If you’d like, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you regardless of YOUR sex or orientation for that matter. Does this mean I want to fuck you? Does my willingness to talk about it make me a slut? A whore? Very recently I was told that it does, and with all due respect I couldn’t disagree more!

Men, let me ask you a question: Do you feel comfortable discussing sex with your male friends? I think a large majority of you would answer yes. In fact, you probably thoroughly enjoy discussing your wives or for the single guys – your new conquests. You most likely make jokes about all kinds of sex and laugh it up about the friend who isn’t getting any. Now, let me ask you this: Do you want to fuck any of these guy friends you are laughing with? No? Then why the hell do you think you think that’s what my motivation is?

Now, for the women who look down their noses at me for discussing sex so openly: Please stop holding your sisters back! It’s no wonder we’re deemed the “weaker sex”, we allow society to tell us what we can think, wear, how we can act, speak and even what we can talk about and with whom? I say, FUCK THAT SHIT! We have a brain in our heads that’s equal to that of our male counterparts, we have wants and desires, we want to be treated equally and our minds are just as dirty as a man’s (or at least mine is). So, ladies please stop biting your tongue and talk about it!!!

Talking Sex Is My FEMINISM!
Oh yes I said it, feminism! One more time just for shit & giggles – FEMINISM! The word has such a negative connotation these days and it’s sad. If human equality is the basis of the idea, then shouldn’t we be free to express ourselves to each other in whatever way we see fit?

So, consider this my feminism soapbox. Women should be able to crack jokes and discuss our wants / desires openly with whomever we choose. If it happens to be a man, then please don’t assume that we want to fuck you. (Trust me if I want you, I will make it abundantly clear.)

My message is really simple:

Men – Stop thinking with your dicks and let a woman speak her mind. If you’re cool about it, you might just get in her pants. Or you may not, but your chances are probably much higher if you try it this way.

Women – It’s okay to let your freak flag fly. Don’t be shy, join the conversation. You know you want to!


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I Don’t Fucking Care

I’d like to start off by saying that this post is not directed at any one particular person.  Let me elaborate on that for just a second…I AM NOT WRITING THIS FOR JUST ONE FUCKING PERSON!  So, please don’t feel special.  It’s not just you… I seem to have pissed off several people, but guess what?  I don’t fucking care!

Please continue to spew your hurtful words on your blog thinking that it makes you a better person than me.  According to you, it makes you feel “so much better to get it all out there”.  But that’s the difference between you and me.  I don’t feel the need to hurt someone else in order to feel better about myself.  I’d never slander someone or use the pain of another just to get people’s attention.  Bottom line, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else.

We all have pain.  Each of us has to live in our personal hell built by our own darkness.  I know how bad mine is, and while I can’t understand yours or anyone’s for that matter, I wouldn’t want to cause yours to hurt you anymore than it already does.

So…I’m taking the path that is most definitely less traveled (especially here on social media).  I won’t call you out by name, I won’t post blog or your pictures here and I won’t try to hurt your reputation.  Why?  Because I’m not a bully.  Yes, that’s what you are and that’s exactly what you’re doing to me.  Imagine how you’d feel if someone did that to one of your kids.  I don’t have to imagine it, because I understand it. I’m living it.  With every mean spirited post you are twisting that knife in deeper.  All I can say is thank goodness for my new support system.  They are the ones who help me now and they are why I can say, “I don’t fucking care”.

At the end of the day, I have to look myself in the mirror.  I know who I am.  I know everything I’ve done, everything I’ve overcome and everything that I still have to work on.  I’m not perfect,  I’d never claim to be.  I am me.  When I love, I do it with all that I have and the only way I know how.  Maybe it wasn’t enough for one of you, but it was too much for another.  I’m not like anyone else, it takes me a long time to trust so my love starts out as one thing and grows into something different but you have to stick around long enough to understand.

I wish you well, all of you.  I hope you have a long life filled with love and I hope that you get everything you’re looking for.  I also hope that you can learn to let go and forgive, I hope you can be happy, and I really hope that the hate will stop, but if it doesn’t please remember just one thing:


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Public Restroom Debate

Picture this: I walk into a public restroom. I cordially smile at an old woman by the sink. I go into the stall and do my business. I exit the stall and wash my hands, this time I greet a woman walking in. Then I exit the restroom. Please note: At NO point during this event am I ever exposed, if I was then I would be uncomfortable no matter who was in said restroom. (Well, I probably wouldn’t but that’s just me & that’s a different topic for another day) What I’m getting at is why the fuck does it matter if a transgender woman is in this restroom?

First of all, I’m probably never going to know if she is transgender. After all, we don’t have to show our genitals in order to enter a public toilet today. (Should we? Is that where this whole debate is heading? Is that what we want?) Secondly, as noted above she isn’t going to see anything in this restroom that she wouldn’t see outside of it. I have no problem washing my hands in front of the opposite sex. Is that now sexual in some way? And lastly, for real, why does anyone care where someone uses the fucking restroom? I mean really, can’t we just be grateful that we have a place to go?

Come on, we have MUCH bigger issues to deal with in this country. Why don’t we discuss the oil crisis, infant mortality rates, our bogus war on drugs or the failing education system?? No? You’d rather chat about where someone shits? Really? No wonder our country is in shambles.

Well, don’t take the time out of your precious day to comment here. Hurry maybe you can catch someone burning your precious flag, or marrying someone they truly love that may or may not be of the same gender. (as if that is any of your business anyway but whatever) Gotta keep those “American Values” strong! “God” Bless America! Fuck this shit, I’m moving to Australia! 😉



April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. SHAME plays a huge part in why so many women don’t report these assaults. If you are a survivor like me, or a supporter like so many of my friends, please help me spread this message: It’s NOT your fault

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