Millennial Poets: Poets Are The Written Voice Of The Generation

An interview with my dear friend Samuel Decker Thompson! 🙂



You scroll through Instagram, pass up the food porn, the exposed models, celebs lifestyle and spot a quote that catches your eye. You the read the quote and then it hits you–leaving you in a emotional moment. It somehow pulls you into a forgotten memory of the past or a recent happiness that sends shocks throughout your body.

Did you ever take the time to thank those who wrote those poems or quotes that touched you so deeply? Have you ever noticed who those people are? Or what they go through to write those? They don’t get paid, they don’t earn any credit, they just simplywrite.

Millennial Poets are on a massive rise. They are the ones who have taken their own experiences of bliss, struggles and pain to spill out in the open to share. As one myself, I dig into repressed memories that I have to…

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