I am…


I am the moon.
Sometimes visible during the day
but shining brightest at night.

I am the tide.
Pulled to and fro each day
yet never, ever still.

I am the sun.
Bold and bright
but too much for anyone to be near
for any length of time.

I am the sky.
Blue and unending,
vast and alone.

I am the forest.
Dark and deep,
earthy and full of life
yet a just a little bit frightening.

I am constantly
wanting and wishing that I was more,
yet this is me.
What I will always be.

I am a lover and a friend.
I give love freely to everyone that I meet.
I don’t have to “fall in love”
in order to love you.

In fact, I most likely won’t “fall”
but in all probability, I will love you.
This can be good thing for you,
but it’s not always kind to me.

My heart is scattered all over the world.
Tiny bits and pieces left with
every love I’ve ever known.

I honestly don’t know how much love
is left inside this heart of mine.
But I will continue to give it
till the day that I have none.

Until I draw my last breath,
I will love and
I will wander and
I will discover and
I will be me



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